Thursday, July 31, 2008

Monsoon TIps for Household and Tourists

Monsoon Tips For Household

1. Put camphor tablets in your cupboards as they remove excess moisture and keep your clothes smell free.

2.Check wooden furniture for any presence of termites. They increase during
rainy season.

3. Wax your wooden floors as they tend to swell up during monsoons.

4. Regularly vaccum carpets. This keep carpets dirt and smell free.

5. Keep the doors of cupboards and rooms closed and bolted when not in use.
This will ensure that the doors do not get bent or disfigured.

6. Make sure there is no water stagnation near your homes. Stagnant water
assists in propagation of disease causing mosquitoes.

Monsoon Tips For Tourists

1. First and foremost concern for tourists should be their health. Keep handy
all necessary first aid medicines.

2. Consult a doctor and get all the required vaccinations.

3. If traveling in hilly areas, keep some extra days in hand. Land slides and
road blockages some time intervene with the planned itinerary.

4. Carry a rain coat with yourself. You really don’t want to enter a temple,
a sacred destination or your hotel all drenched up.

5. Keep handy a pair of waterproof sandals or slippers. Stack away your
Adidas or Reebok for better times and drier environments.


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