Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Monsoon Tips For Automobiles

In India, Monsoon is welcomed with a lot of joy and relief. Relief from the hot and burning summers, and joy of cool winds and romantic weather. But what I have seen is that this mindset remains only for few days. People start getting repulsive to monsoons in some time as much as they love it for the first few days. Coz’ with pleasant weather it brings about a lot of troubles; especially for vehicle owners. It takes extra effort and care to maintain your car and two wheelers and keep them up and running.

Here are some points that can help a person maintain his vehicle.

Monsoon Tips for Automobiles

1. Always keep your car dirt free coz’ dirt triggers corrosion on the car body. Wash your car regularly.

2. After a wash, do not forget to apply wax. Extra layer of protection always helps.

3. Pay immediate attention to dents and scratches as it is here from where the corrosion starts. No more than hours in water is required for rust to set in.

4. Apply a little grease on all key holes and regularly operate them to keep them error free even after monsoons.

5. Check weather all lights and hazards lights are working properly.

6. Ask your mechanic to align and balance your wheels.

7. Most important of all; for your safety and other’s, drive slow And maintain distance with other vehicles. Wet roads and tyres reduce friction and increase braking time.


Afia Ahmad July 31, 2008 at 3:28 AM  

Great tips....I have some more to share...

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