Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Appetizing Delicacies for Monsoon

Monsoon to some people might be the most romantic weather as far as climate and ambiance is concerned... but there is more to monsoons than just romanticism and pleasant weather! One cannot miss mentioning the monsoon foods that increases the excitement of the tip toeing rain, double times. Following are the list of some very important liip smacking foods that you cannot miss having in monsoons -

  1. Try the popular 'Souraca'. A concoction of coconut mil, garlic, chillies, onions and tamarind and a few spices are boiled together to make this gravely that tastes best with the Konkan rice.

  2. An absolute must to gorge on this monsoon are the Pakoras made of onions, potatoes, even chillies, stuffed or plain, paneer (cottage cheese) too can be added.

  3. The pride of Lucknow Kebabs are not only restricted to Lucknow now. Try the boti kebabs, ulte tawe ke paranthe and keema methi. To add on there are rich rogani rotis cooked on flat griddle that will simply make you crave for more and more.

  4. A delicious Indian specialty of India are the Malpuas that are pancakes dripped in sugar syrup. Interestingly, a large serving of rich reduced milk or rabri, makes it an exceptionally swett and tasty dish.

  5. Freshly made Badam Halwa that is made by a gruel of hand pounded almonds, slowly cooked with oddles of ghee (clarified butter) cannot be missed. To add the flavour cardamom powder is sprinkled on the halwa.

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