Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Delhi Shopping Experience

It is hard to find a destination better than Delhi for shopping. There are as many famous markets here in Delhi as there are towns in any city. Even though I have been shopping for my clothes since childhood days, my shopping was limited to where my parents took me. In fact it was not before my college days that I choose where to shop from.

I must say, I have been an ardent shopper for the past few years, hopping from one market to another, searching for the specialty of that place. The emergence of mall culture has brought about a sea of shift in the shopping habits of ‘Dilli wallas’. People, who were regular to the charming Connaught place and Janpath shops, today are more comfortable in the mall opened just behind their homes. But still there are people who remain loyal to the old ways of shopping.

Connaught place is a perfect place to shop for readymade clothes. Shops like Jainsons and Greenways have been around for quite a time and offer trendy clothes at reasonable clothes. But overall, I found C P to be slightly overpriced. Probably it’s because you don’t find many street shops where you can bargain. Not too far is a market exactly opposite in nature. Janpath market offers most fashionable clothes at unbelievably low prices. No wonder you will find it overcrowded most of the times, especially just before the college session starts. Janpath is a virtual paradise for youngsters on a lookout for western clothing and accessories that will not punch holes in their pockets (or their parent’s). Do not forget to look for some fashionable foot wear here. Kolapuris anyone??? For me personally, Sarojini Nagar (S N) market is unmatched for family shopping. It was here my family and me came since early years. So I find shopping in Sarojini Nagar quite comfortable. More than money, you need time to get the best out of S N.

For people who are looking for items straight out of their origin place, then Dilli Hart is the place to be. Here you will find shops that sell handicraft items made by people from different states. Pashmina from Kashmir, Cotton Saris from West Bengal and Silk saris from Kancheepuram, are all available here. Then there are government emporiums in C.P that are good in this context. One of the most high profile market in Delhi is the M-block market in G-K I. It is most noted for the splendid jewelry shops. Though I have never entered them, I have heard that they offer jewelry and precious stones ranging from budget range to anything you can imagine.

No matter how developed the markets in New Delhi are, one just cannot ignore the markets in Old Delhi. Chandni chowk has few of the best shops for buying different types of spices. Nayi Sadak, a part of Chandni Chowk, is a heaven for students who can find all types of books, both new and used, here.
While doing all the shopping, don’t forget to serve your taste buds as well. Delhi is known for its fast foods and snacks like fruit chaats, golgappas and a lot more. And you don’t have to tread away from your shopping paradise as you will find the eating joints right next to these markets.


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