Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pedal To Lose Your Flabs or Wash Your Clothes

Here is another eco friendly product that will wash your clothes and also help you shed those extra kilos. Confused??? Don't be because there is a product that will wash your clothes, without the use of electricity or battery, and the pedal on which you can exercise at your very home. A pedal washing is what is very economical as one can get it at a cost of barely 2000 rupees. It was discovered by a student who was finding it difficult to make both her ends meet. Remya Jose invented this pedal washing machine that is powered by pedalling, a mechanism that uses parts of a traditional bicycle. This mechanism will also help counter the alarming rate of obese patients in the country as well.

The inventor of this wonderful washing machine, Remaya Jose is studying to become an engineer. The NIF (National Innovation Foundation) aided re-design Remya’s washing machine from a device that cost Rs. 1500 to manufacture right from scratch in the rural india. This very machine will cost Rs. 3000, when made in an urban factory. As it would be competing with low-end single-cycle electric washing machines that cost Rs. 5000, it’s price-point is above what India’s poor can afford. Simultaneously the price is below what the middle class demands as compared to the Rs. 5000 electric alternative.

The invention of cost effective and environment friendly machines, has paved way for the onset of a new trend in evolution of machineries. Students are being encouraged to come up with such ideas that will save our planet from further destruction. It is time for us to follow our dreams and turn unimaginable innovations into reality.


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