Tuesday, April 15, 2008

10 Green Ways To Refurnish Earth

To stop Mother Earth from hitting the point of no return, damn important decisions have to be taken and implemented sooner than later. Here are few ways that might help in retaining the lost balance in nature and avert a man made catastrophe.

1. Recycle Mantra
This is amongst the earliest of solutions thought and probably the most effective till date. Recycling of paper, plastic and aluminium has led to a revolution. Now most of the manufacturers boast of their products to be up there for C2C certification which is an indication of their total recyclability. Today, almost all home and office furnitures, carpets are recyclable. 40 other companies in different field are tapping into the green revolution of the second kind.

2. Energy Saving Bulbs
Aren't you proud that you just changed all light fittings in your home to compact fluorescent bulbs which are bright, low maintenance, durable and most of all, highly energy efficient. Well, as a considerate nature lover, you might soon have to get on the job again. Fluorescent bulbs will make way for far more technologically superior LED bulbs. They are known to burn just half the energy of that by fluorescent bulbs and last eight times longer with no traces of mercury.

3. Greener Fairways
Golf are not as bad as we think they are for the environment. Some fairways in US are turning into a potential wildlife reserves. A survey few years ago found that 82% of the sanctuary courses had reduced their pesticide use and whenever the spraying was done, 92% of them used lighter chemicals. So if you planning to spend your weekend teeing off, don't forget to carry your bird watching kit along with your clubs.

4. Kite Sails
Test run of a ten thousand ton ship from Germany to Venezuela by a German company SkySails, saved approximately 20% on engine power. What was different about this ship voyage? The liner was powered by a giant kite attached to the nose of the ship, tapping the wind energy for pulling the vessel. This experiment has paved way for further researches that will prove to be beneficial in this matter.

5. Plastic Solar Cells
Soon you might be carrying shopping bags that will recharge your cell phones on the walk. Alan Heegar, professor of Physics in University of California, is developing plastic solar cells that can be coated anywhere you want them to. So there is no more, the need to carry candles and flashlights on your next camping trip. Just have to carry tents painted with solar cells for electricity for you nightout.

6. Support Green Companies
Many of the upcoming industries make sure that the functioning of the company is completely on the green way. And well established firms are changing their production methods to cut down drastically on the emission and recycle the waste for better purposes. Leading the way are the firms like Stonyfield Farm, a yogurt company that uses no toxic chemicals, has the largest solar array in New Hampshire and converts the yogurt waste into a biogas that can be burned.

7. Wonder Car
Hybrid cars could be the answer to the most prominent reason for pollution and global warming. A car like Aptera which is a hybrid electric car can give up to 128 km per litre. It is manufactured under the most technologically advanced systems and put through the most stringent tests to determine its road viability. The voguish shaped car that looks like a cross between an insect and a flying saucer, is built out of ultra light composites and has only three wheels to reduce the overall weight. And the emission are near to nil.

8. Stoves That Save
A good and efficient stove can make a huge difference in our day to day lives. It could save us a huge quantity of fuel, decreasing the emissions and deforestation and increasing an individual's financial savings. But such stoves have to be cheap and durable to attract people to buy it. A Colorado company has three new stoves that are exactly what the masses want. The Shell foundation is investing $25 million to help send 10 million such stoves to India, Africa and Latin America.

9. Grow Perennials
Growing perennials crops instead of annuals seems to the solution found to reduce the loss of topsoil. Agricultural chemicals are contaminating groundwater, and with each plowing and reaping, the world losses millions of tonnes of topsoil. An international institute is cross breeding important crops like wheat, corn sorghum and sunflowers with wild relatives to create perennial crops.

10. Democratise Green
CEO of known Saatchi & Saatchi S has joined hands with leading corporations to green their major brands. Take tide cold water which is formulated to wash clothes best in cold water. They say if everyone in United States starts using cold water instead of hot water to wash their clothes, the country would meet nearly 8% of Kyoto targets.


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