Friday, April 4, 2008

Enchanting Wedding Destinations

This is a world where everyone wants everything to be unique and different for themselves. So why should the most important moment of their life be dull and orthodox. The young generation of today believe the marriages are made in heaven and should be celebrated in one of the many paradises on earth. And to make their dream a reality, couples are choosing the most exotic locations that fits their pocket, even if it gets a bit stretched. The number of exotic locations in India is simply mind-boggling. Everything from the deserts to jungles, from hilltops to beaches are on the hot list of wedding destinations for couples. And the emergence of a new breed of wedding planners, have only increased the ease of arranging such an extravagant event. All you need to do, is tell them your choice of destinations, your budget, and outline of your wedding idea, and leave the rest of tensions for them to handle.

Everybody can fantasize about a marriage in the Versailles Palace or the famous French chateaus, but only few can afford it in reality. However that doesn't stop people from making their marriage a grand affair. If we look at the ongoing scenario, the most favored destinations in India are the forts and palaces of the desert state Rajasthan and the beaches of Goa and Kerala. Around 60% of the total destination weddings take place in these forts and palaces. Next major share comes to the pristine beaches of Goa for that special day. Couples even prefer the dunes of Rajasthan for themselves. Assam's tea gardens definitely are a great option, but not many decide to go there due to the security reasons. For the young generation, experimenting with new things has kind of become a craze. They are placing their finger on most outrageous places that one can even think of. People are asking for jungles, private islands, hilltops, luxury yachts and even Taj Mahal as their preferred destinations. Not only are these places in contention due to their natural beauty and resplendence, but also due to the activities that you can indulge in at such spots. Besides, what better reason than destination weddings to cut short the guest list, to do away with rituals and concentrate lavishly on partying hard.

Though a very interesting prospect, destination wedding can go awfully wrong as well. You are in a completely alien place for an event that needs accurate decisions and immense coordination to be successful. You need to sort out even the minutest of details. Weather is the most important aspect that you need to see before you choose a destination. In summers, beach wedding can become quite muggy and uncomfortable. So beaches are best avoided for weddings during humid summers. But if you choose to stick to your decision make sure you provide necessary accessories like sunglasses and big hats to your guests. Do keep the budget as well in mind when the preparations are going on. A wedding at an exquisite location with around 100 guests and 2 -3 full day affairs, can punch a hole of around 25 lakh in your pocket which will include everything from the stay and travel of the guests to all the wedding festivities. On an average, expect anything between Rs 10,000-50,000 per person.

Apart from making the newly weds feel on top the world, these destination weddings have a lot of effect on many other things. The most prominent effect is on travel and tourism in the country. NRIs are coming to India and spending huge amounts on weddings. Approximately 600 exotic weddings takes place in India in an year and the number is growing at a rapid rate. The wedding industry alone is estimated at Rs 500 crores and is growing at a whopping rate of 50% every year. Couples are now creating their own web pages to share and preserve those special memories. They upload photos and videos on these websites. Though only close friends and relatives have access to such sites. Some even make it public. And why not, let the world know, at which scintillating place you had the magical moment of looking at that special person in the eye and saying 'I DO'.


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