Monday, May 7, 2012

Romancing The Stone – Taj Mahal

Ever wondered what is the main charm of the India Travel that attract travelers to this beautiful country? I always tried to find the answer but of no use, till I get to see the ever charming Taj Mahal India. Although Taj it self can not be the sole reason for so many people coming to Travel in India every year, but its for sure one of the biggest reason for them to come here.

Till now I have only heard about the popularity of Taj, but when I was there right in front of it I got to know why people call this the monument of love. The golden sun rays falling on the white marble of Taj will hypnotize you with its beauty. It was a view that I never wanted to end, a view that is captured in my heart and my eyes forever. I must say that before this I have never ever seen anything so beautiful and enchanting like Taj. It is definitely one of the most precious monument that a King constructed in the loving memory of his Queen. They had a love story which will become immortal with each passing day.

Along with Taj I also got to see the wonderful architectural wonder of Mughal era, the Fatehpur Sikri (I heard it from my friend that it is a really nice Places to Visit in Agra). I have much more to write in here but I am not able to find more words to explain my trip to India that left me spell bounded.

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