Friday, September 9, 2011

Royal Bengal Tiger

About Indian Bengal Tiger:
Bengal tiger, also known as royal Bengal tiger is one of the most attractivel animals of India. Wearing a golden yellow coat with dark brown or black stripes this rich wildlife species attracts everyone with its amazing physical appearance. These royal Bengal tigers have always been their significance importance since mythological era. Since 25th century BCE the Bengal tiger has been a national symbol of India.

Location of Royal Bengal Tiger:
Royal Bengal tigers in India are mostly found in Sunderbans delta area. Besides a number of wildlife tiger conservations have been established such as national parks in Ranthambore and Bandipur. Apart from India Bengal tigers are also found in Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan.

Bengal Tiger an Endangered Species in India:

The royal Bengal tigers in India has been declared as endangered species of India. The government of India has thus taken certain fruitful steps to save these rich Indian wildlife species. Among all these Project tiger is the most applauded movement initiated by Indian government in 1973. There are around 40 tiger reserves in India . At present the total population of Bengal tigers in India is more than 1650.

Major Habitats of Royal Bengal Tigers:

Kanha National Park
Bandhavgarh National Park
Dudhwa National Park
Ranthambore National Park
Manas Wildlife Sanctuary
Bandipur National Park
Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary

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