Friday, September 9, 2011

North India Tourism

Come to North India and experience the rich cultural heritage of this vast and vibrant country. The ancient monuments of North India, the cities, lively people everything in this part of the country is just amazing. Just imagine watching the marvelous Sanchi stupa, or even a holy visit to the Amarnath temple, or temples in Mathura Vrindavan is an experience of a lifetime.

If you are very much into adventure then a trip to Mussoorie is the thing for you. The white snow and the speeding skies are perfect to pump up your adrenalin rush.Check out these other attractions of North India like:

The brilliant architecture of Qutub Minar

A Holy Visit To Amarnath Cave Temple

A Spiritual Trip To Rudraprayag

A Memorable Holiday Trip To Rohtang Pass

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