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FIFA World Cup 2010 Review - "Football World Cup Highlights"

FIFA World Cup 2010 Review - "Football World Cup Highlights"

Group stage of FIFA world cup 2010 is now over and the tournament has unfolded some dramatic surprises. Being a unified platform of world class soccer skills, the 19th edition of FIFA world cup has offered more than expected and promises to deliver some memorable moments in the remaining period. FIFA world cup 2010 knockout stage will kick off from June 26, 2010 in which the qualified teams will compete in Round of 16 stage.

However, the bouquet of FIFA world cup 2010 highlights is already loaded with some exclusive facts. Here is a list of updated facts from FIFA World Cup 2010 :

16 Teams Qualifying For Knockout Stage

32 teams competed in 15 days long FIFA world cup 2010 schedule of group stage and produced unexpected results. The World Cup 2010 group stage was most notable for the success of the South American teams, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. All five of them qualified for the knockout stage by finishing first in their groups except Chile which was second in group H. In contrast, only six of Europe's thirteen teams qualified including the likes of England, Germany, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain and Portugal. The sixteen qualifiers were completed by Mexico and the USA from Central and North America, Japan and Korea Republic from Asia, and Ghana from Africa.

Defending Champions Knocked Off - (Italy out of FIFA World Cup)

Heroes of FIFA world cup 2006 became 'zeroes' in FIFA world cup 2010 when the defending champions Italy faced an early exit. An aging Italian side failed to register a single win in group stage and a humiliating defeat from Slovakia ended their world cup campaign. For the first time in world cup history, South Africa witnessed a crying and frustrated reigning champion - Italy.

Maradona Magic At Its Best - (Argentina in Round Of 16)

Argentine coach and the hero of their only world title win - Diego Maradona turned the tides on his own. Ending all controversies and criticism of experimenting with 108 players in 20 months, Mardona's Argentina team went on to win all their group stage matches. Finishing at the apex in group B, Argentina emerged as the strongest contender for FIFA world cup 2010.

French Football On A Revolt - (France out of FIFA world cup)

Champions of FIFA world cup 1998 and a strong soccer power of Europe - France will remember this world cup for some other reasons. The French team went on a strike against country's football federation and reused to practice before their last game. Internal controversies and conflicts with coaching staff led to a shameful exit of France from FIFA world cup 2010 in the group stage itself.

Players Who Dictated Terms - (Best Players Of FIFA World Cup 2010)

From an enlarged pool pf talented players, some extraordinary skills of football made the world applaud some magicians of this spectacular games. Star players including the likes of Lionel Messi (Argentina), Kaka (Brazil), Torez (Spain), Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) etc have played a vital role in pushing their sides to second stage. All these masters of football are expected to define the prospects of their team's success in soccer's most awaited event.

Top Goal Scorers

FIFA world cup 2010 has already registered a century of goals from the group stage with almost every team contributing its share. David Villa (Spain), Robert Vittek (Slovakia) and Gonzalo Hinguin (Argentina) are the top goal scorers of FIFA world cup 2010 till date, followed by Tiago (Portugal) and Elano (Brazil) with 21 goals each to their names.

With all these unexpected facts and results, FIFA world cup 2010 is entering the knockout stage. Lets await for more highlights and treasured moments from "Football World Cup 2010".

By : Saranjeet Singh

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