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Refreshing Summer Drinks – Beverage Recipes

Refreshing Summer Drinks – Beverage Recipes

Summers are at their peak and the scorching heat is taking toll on everyone. The ever burning sun seems to sip out last drop of energy inside and the hot conditions add to the extortion. In this killing heat, look out for some chilling drinks to refresh yourself. Here are some summer drink recipes to help you stay cool and healthy.


Enjoy the traditional refreshing drink of India. Prepared with lemon, salt & sugar, Shikanji has been the favorite summer drink of Indian masses. A sip of freshly prepared Shikanji at the roadside corner provides immense sensation to the senses. A glass of chilled Shikanji in parching heat will surely refresh you for rest of the day.

Jal Jeera

Jal Jeera is an extremely popular summer drink of north India. Its peppy taste and crunchy flavor kicks off the heat around. Due to its cooling properties against extreme heat, it is preferred as a refreshing drink in summers. Jal Jeera is generally served with appetizers before a meal, but is also drunk between meals. Its other benefits like no sugar, no artificial flavors and healthy drink makes it the first choice in summers.

Lassi Patiala

Nothing can be better and nutritious than sweet or salted Punjabi butter milk to beat the scorching heat. An extremely feeding and refreshing drink made with curd has two variations, that of salty & sweet. Lassi Patiala with a layer of cream on top gives a tempting sensation. Enjoy chilled Lassi Patiala as a hot weather refreshment.

Soda Nimbu Paani

Nimbu Pani is considered as the lifeline for intense summer heat. Together with kicks of soda water, the tang of lemon makes Soda Nimbu Pani the most refreshing summer drink. The sensation it provides on a steamy day does wonders to your energy levels. Take a glass of Nimbu Pani with soda to beat this brutal heat wave.

Cold Coffee

Cold Coffee is cool beverage recipe for summers. There is no need to sacrifice your cup of coffee just because of warm weather. Rather opt for iced versions of world's most popular drink. The relishing flavor of coffee and chill of ice sums up to be one of the most preferred summer drinks recipe in India.

By : Saranjeet Singh

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