Saturday, October 31, 2009

Villages - The Hot Tourist Attraction Of India

India is a land of diversity, where each State has something special to offer to the modern tourist. Life is too hectic these days. The cities demand a life in a fast lane. Everyone is too caught up in raising their standard of living that they dont have any time left to themselves. There is an immense sense of urgency , the traffic on the roads is just terrible, there is a lot of noise and pollution. On top of this, one is accustomed to fast food and junk food and develop poor eating habits. One has to take a break from all of this and the rural areas of India provide just the right kind of environment to refresh the mind, body and soul. The villages of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan like Jaisalmer, and the Desert Attractions Pushkar have become a hot spot destinations for tourists from all around the world. India's villages are filled with such scenic beauty which is out of this world. There is greenery everywhere and most of the land is covered with lush fields.

There are many tourist attractions here. One can take a ride through the field on a bullock cart. Or, one can experience farming first hand by actually doing the daily chores a farmer does like tending to the crops, cutting weeds and grass, milking the cows or making the land more fertile by ploughing or nourishing it with fertilizers and feel truly close to nature. The air is fresh and crisp. There are small ponds which are hard to miss and are alive with small fishes and other aquatic flora and fauna. Some villages are on the banks of a river and others may have a lake situated within their boundaries and these provide immense scope for recreation. There is no pollution and the place seems to come alive with the chirping of birds, a sound we often miss in the cities. It seems that life truly blossoms there. It is thus not surprising to see a radiant glow of happiness on the faces of people living there.

This in itself is a reason to visit such places and get lost in their rustic charm at least once in a lifetime.

The rural places are unique and such destinations are truly magnificent. The kind of lifestyle a city dweller can experience there is beyond something he would have ever expected. Each State of India has it's own rural places to visit which are special in their own way.


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