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Diwali Recipes

The Delicacies One will Love to Make in Diwali

The gala celebrations of Diwali festival – 17 Oct. are on its zenith and there is already a sense of stimulation, enthusiasm and excitement amongst the people of India. Every nook and corner again bustling with lights and fabulous decor, shopping malls and arcades festooned with lustrous gifts and the sweet shops well stuffed with tempting and Diwali dishes. Also the preparation of Diwali Recipes at home, make an integral part of the merriment. In fact Diwali Celebrations are incomplete without food preparations and making of special delicacies at home.

On this festive occasion, this time I have buzzed up with some of the special lip-smacking dishes and recipes of Diwali. During these five days long festivity of Diwali, starting from 15th Oct. there is no end to the Diwali cooking. People start their cooking preparations well in advance by shopping for items required in making Diwali snacks, sweet dishes and Diwali cuisine. Normally called as “Chappan Bhog” – means 56 food items, is an essential in Diwali Cooking. It is a custom that whatever is prepared at home is first offered to God and then distributed among the family and friends.

One can well plan in advance what items can be prepared before and what on the day of Diiwali. Normally dry snacks like Kachori , Pittha, Khandvi, Churma, can be prepared, as these items can be stored for longer time. Normally sweet preparations are prepared a day before Diwali. Try out special Diwali Sweet Dishes like Cashew Barfi, Rassogolla, Gulgula, Moon Dal Halwa, Malpua, Suji – Ladoo and Shrikhand . The sweet dishes are the simplest to make. On this festive day there is no routine or normal cooking. There is a special cuisine for Diwali aswell.

Morning Churma is cooked along with sweet dishes of your choice for puja. There is elaborated cooking for Diwali cuisine. Normally the food items are all deep fried using rich pure oil and Ghee. Puris and Kachoris, Thalipith, stuffed with dal or potato;s are the normal breads well tried with other ingredients like fenugreek leaves or spinach leaves. Under rich vegetables Shahi Paneer, Chole, Potato Cauliflower Veg. are supreme. Then the mouth watering Kheer prepared with milk and dry fruits is well on top chart and its apart of every festival in India. Dahi Bhalle and Dhokla work as appetizers. In evening the entire family along with friends and relatives who have specially come from far and wide to celebrate Diwali are together for a grand Diwlali feast.

The celebrations continuous for another two days till Bhai Duj and the kitchen cooking is still live with ready appetizers spreading its aroma in the air.Learn and prepare popular Diwali dishes at home through a detailed list of Surfindia Diwali Recipes provided online :
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