Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Holy Month of Ramzaan

This is the holy month of Ramzaan. A very pious occasion for Muslims all across the world. A holy month in which all Muslims reinforce their belief in the almighty Allah by offering regular Namaaz (Holy Prayer) and observing fast from dawn to dusk. It is expected of every Muslim who has attained the age of puberty to keep fasts during the month of Ramzaan. There are exceptions only in certain cases e.g. chronically ill and old people.

To its followers, the holy month of Ramzaan teaches spirituality, honesty, modesty, non-violence and patience. Self-reformation is what every Muslim looks forward to as he devotedly keeps all his fasts throughout the month of Ramzaan.

The fasting is followed by Grand Feasting as the fast if broken by grand feasts which includes delightful recipes such as Seviyan Kheer.

The occasion of Ramzaan teaches even the non-Muslims the virtue of being a good human being as it gives us a strong reason to introspect, correct and better ourselves as individuals.

May Almighty Allah bless us all.


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