Monday, June 1, 2009

Quit Smoking

World No Tobacco Day on the 31st May. brought a new change for the Cigarette (and other tobacco products) lovers in India.

Come Sunday and the Cigarette packs in India will carry compulsory pictorial warnings displaying the health hazards associated with the use of tobacco and related products. Government has made it mandatory to have at least 40% of the displayable area on such products to carry these pictorial warnings.

As per a recent WHO study there has been an increase in India related to tobacco consumption and this new and innovative step by the Government will surely act as a deterrent for existing and future consumers of cigarette and related products.

We give a Thumbs Up to this step by the Government and hope that it curbs the menace associated with tobacco such as smoking to a greater extent.

We urge all our readers to: Quit Smoking!!


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