Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jaago Re ~ Your Every Vote Counts

Election fever has gripped India. The Indian General Elections 2009 are scheduled to be held in 5-phases starting 16th April, 2009 and ending with the last phase on the 13th of May, 2009.

There has already been many violations of the Election Commission's Code of Conduct by desperate politicians trying to play dirty vote bank politics. Its our choice to either weed out such politicians or continue falling prey to such politics which has no agenda other than dividing our country.

We urge you all to exercise your right to franchise. We all love to speak on national issues be it cross-border terrorism, eradicating poverty, corrupt politicians, better governance and any similar issue of national importance. But when it comes to voting most of us are reluctant to exercise the power of our ballots.

Now is the time to Walk that Talk. It is time to register your vote and get involved in the process of elections and vote for the candidate or the party you think can represent your issues and run your constituency in the most efficient manner.

The Dream Team urges you all to go out and vote to demonstrate your faith in our mighty democracy and give the reins of the country to the right people who can take our country into the path of economic prosperity. Our wish to you all is Jaago Re !! to LEAD India. We support these campaigns.


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