Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Top Desert Attractions in Dubai - A Video Tour

Sand Bashing tours, riding on the mountain like sand dunes on a 4 wheel is an experience you had never before, music and entertaining evenings full of dance and music on cool desert sand and exotic traditional and continental food are some of the few attractions of desert Safari in Dubai. You can choose from various desert safari tour like Private Safari, Hajar Mountains Safari, Desert Wonder Safari, Hatta Safari and the Private Overnight Safari. Undertaking Desert safaris, Camel Safari, Sand Skiing are a life time experience climbing a sand mountain riding on a jeep.
Sands Bashing on Sand Dunes

Desert Safaris

Visiting Dubai  and not indulging into Desert Safaris is like being thirsty and drinking water. Its definitely an experience in itself.  There are variety of safaris like Morning Desert Safari, Evening Desert Safari and Overnight Desert Safari.  A safari tour will take you to the most interiors of the desert sands of Arabia,  where you experience the sand bashing ride on mountain like dunes. 

Leisure Tour on the  Cool Sands

Camel Safari

Camel ride will take you to the most ravishing sunset point  on the highest dune. Over night stay in the desert camps with drinks and dinning facilities.  The camel safari tour also includes visit to near by desert villages and knowing the lifestyle of the  people living there.

Music and Dance Activities on Desert Sadari

Sand Ski

It is the lately added adventure charm on Sand Dunes. The sand skiing is just like snow skiing only here the floor is replaces by sand. There are many trips that can be opt for if interested in sand skiing.

Sand Skiing on Sands of Arabia Dubai

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