Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Walk Past The History With Taj Mahal

In general reading or writing about history always make us bore but things change when we talk about Taj Mahal India. A white marble mausoleum signifying the true love of Shah Jahan is a must visit destination during your India Travel.

Last week I got a chance to explore the true beauty of Taj, and must say it was one experience that I will never forget. The moment you catch the first glimpse of Taj Mahal your eyes get awestruck right on the monument. And as for me I kept on gazing it for almost 2 hours. Still that was not enough. As i was walking through the corridors I felt like I went back in the time of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz. What a love story they had, just like a fairytale.

Although it was a small trip to Taj Mahal in India, but i must say that I am taking back so many memories of it with me. And yes one more thing I also got to visit the Fatehpur Sikri, the another famous Places to visit in Agra. Must say that the architecture of the entire fort was simply brilliant. Hoping to visit it soon.

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