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Rameshwaram Tourism

A sacred island on the tip of the Indian Peninsula, Rameshwaram is a famous pilgrimage in the world tourism map. The island is in the shape of a conch with an area of 61.8 square kilometers. Rameshwaram tourism attract tourist with many historical evidences and its lovely beach. It is the place where Rama offered thanks to Lord Shiva after he returns from Lanka with his consort Sita. The importance of Rameshwaram lies mainly in its holiness.

It is considered as the 'Varanasi of South'. According to Hindu mythology those who visit Rameshwaram attain moksha. The presiding deity of Rameshwaram is the Linga of Sri Ranganatha – one of the twelve Joytirlingas of India.

Rameshwaram Temple and other attractions :-
The major area of Rameshwaram has been occupied by the Ramanatha temple. It is the main attraction of Rameshwaram. It is built over a by a number of rulers at 12th century and considered as an epitome of Dravidian architecture. It is infact a architectural wonder of the world. The corridor of the temple is the largest temple corrider in India. There are 22 wells and all those have great medicinal value. Devotees do pour water in their head from these well to attain bliss.

Tourists throng their to visit the temples and Adam's bridge which is believed to be created by Rama to cross to Lanka. There is place called Gandamadana Parvatham where imprint of Lord's Rama's feet placed on a chakra. This shrine is located beautifully at the highest point on the island and the view from the place is very beautiful.

Rameshwaram tourism gaining importance not only as a pilgrimage but also as a hot holiday destination. The beaches of here are excellent for lazing. Chain of reefs, sandbanks, different islets in the place offer a wonderful tourist destination one ever craved for. To appreciate the beauty of the Rameshwaram tourism one has to see them all in real eye.

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