Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pushkar Fair 2011

Festival Date: 02-10 November 2011

Destination: Pushkar town, Rajasthan.

Main Attractions: Camel race, Camel beauty pageant and lots more.

Pushkar, this small town in Rajasthan bustle with several colors during the festive celebration of annual Pushkar Fair here. This fair is one of the most sought after event of the country, where traders and travelers come here from every nook and corner of the world. This is the time when this normally silent town is filled with lots of noise.

Pushkar Fair is the biggest cattle fair of India, that attracts the traders even from the far corners of the country. During this time span, many competitions (like camel beauty pageant, musical chairs, camel race etc) are organized to entertain the visitors and to choose the best camel of the fair.

Along with this cattle fair, Pushkar also has a religious connotation. It is believed that, the only Brahma temple of India is located here. It is believed that a dip during Kartik month at the holy Pushkar lake (that originated from the lotus flower that fell from Brahma's hand) will relieve you from all your sins. This is when the famous Pushkar Fair is organized.

So as the time is approaching get ready for this colorful religious fest.

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