Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Best Adventure Activities in India

Experience a thrilling adventurous journey to the unexplored land of India. Adventure in India makes your tour more thrilling and exciting. Visit the famous adventure hot spots in India to challenge your limits of wilderness.

Best Adventure Sports in India

Water Skiing
Water Skiing in an exciting adventure sport, done with the help of equipments like knee-board, tube etc. It is popular with boaters that thrills and excites them. Adventure lurks can enjoy several water sports in Goa beaches

Mountaineering in India
Explore the spirit of fantasy and reach the zenith of thrill and excitement by indulging in mountain climbing in India and view scenic beauty of snow covered mountains, meandering tributaries and meadows with colorful flowers.

Paragliding in India
Indulge in paragliding in India to conquer your fear of heights. The panoramic view of site mesmerizes the para-gliders and they enjoy the experience of amazing flights.

Wildlife Safari
Wildlife tour to dense Indian forests is extremely adventurous and exciting. Jeep safari and elephant safari in India provide an opportunity to travel deep insight the majestic forests, to encounter exotic fauna and flora species.

The Himalayan regions of India are one of the most invigorating adventure destinations in the world. Experience the joy trekking in Manali and stay at best 4 star hotels in Manali. Explore some awe-inspiring trek routes to witness the glorious charms meandering rivers, cascading waterfalls, shimmering streams, misty valleys and alpine Indian forests.

Water Sports in India
Snorkeling in India is a thrilling water sport, to have a glimpse of under water marine world and explore the exotic wonders of the corals.The Andaman and Nicobar islands offers great opportunities for scuba diving in India. It is an enthralling experience of floating inside the sea and explore the exotic flora and fauna in the sea.

White Water Rafting in India
Rafting against the wild rapids of river is a nerve breaking experience. Cross the scenic gorges and picturesque hilly ranges during white water rafting in India. Rishikesh rafting booking is made to be in advance during rafting season in Rishikesh.

Winter Sports
Indulge yourself in hair-raising winter sports like heli skiing, snow skiing, ice boarding, ice skating and enjoy the moment them fullest leaving behind all your worldly affairs. Shimla is one of the best place to enjoy winter sports and also have fun of boarding Shimla toy train.

Mountain Biking India
Mountain biking in India is a life time experience to fasten your heartbeats and explore great heights of majestic mountains.

Hang gliding in India
Explore the charms of nature with different horizons by indulging in hang gliding. Visit Darjeeling for enjoying hang gliding and stay in best 5 star hotels in Darjeeling.

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