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Beaches in India

Popular Beaches of India

Apart from the exquisitely white sandy and golden beaches, one can discover wide variety of magnificently sea shores in India. The curly palms, the rolling and receding surf over the glistering sand and the amazing ambiance offers the perfect getaway to tranquility. From the list of incredible beaches in India, we have selected some of the perfect mainland beach destinations from the country. Take a journey to some of the spectacular locales, which are blessed with amazing beauty of sun, sand and sea.

Kovalam Beach – Kerala

Kovalam Beach in Kerala is a paradise for tourists from all over the globe. It boosts of two palm fringed coves – the Hawah beach and the Lighthouse Beach. Actually Kovalam covers altogether three beaches, as a less inhabited rocky beach separates these two beaches aside.

Adorned with the exotic locale, this paradise is known for its fascinating ambiance created by the moonlit nights. You can kill lot of time lazing on its pristine white sand bed, watching the wondrous waves and listening the chirping of the sea birds. The whole aura of this beach is hard to scribble down. But believe me its simply amazing.

The Calangute Beach – Goa :

The lovely Calangute beach in Goa is the second most favored beach location in India. Spread to the total area of four miles with the luxurious palm trees running parallel to the sea, makes it a popular haven among the tourists coming on the adventure tour India. Calangute was earlier a little fishing village before it was taken over by the Hippie rage of the 70's and later on turned for commercial use.

This beach is a perfect location for family picnics as well as spending time in peace and tranquility. While you also get the opportunity to enjoy numerous water sports at the beach including the para-sailing, surfing , wind surfing and water skiing. The specialty about this beach is its pristine environment which is still the same as it was years and years back.

Marina Beach – Tamil Nadu :

Located on the eastern part of Chennai, Marina is one of the longest beaches in the world. It's breathtaking beauty and the availability of amazing array of beach activities make a must visit destination in India. The beach remains less crowded, it has options for visitors who want to walk from the crowded to the solitariness. The most amazing part of the beach is the set of beautiful stone statues that adorn the roadside area of this beach. The beach also supports the great eco system and is known for its jolly ambiance.

A walk on the beach side bordered with a green lawn provokes you to go on the leisurely stroll along with your loved ones. The other attractions of the beach include beautiful statues of the Tamil scholars, patriots and some of the other renowned personalities. Among these, a Statue of Labour is a resplendent sculpture depicting the team of laborers who are at energetic, manual work.

Beaches of Karwar – Karnataka :

Less discovered and still untouched are the magnificent beaches of Karwar located in the Indian state of Karnataka. Spread to the total area of 320 km, Karwar beaches are adorned with the Western Ghats and that is what makes them truly special. One can never get bored here, as there is so much to discover here.

Karwar was once the important trade center, which is now the biggest attraction of Karnataka. This beach is said to have inspired the legend Rabindranath Tagore to pen down his first play. The most important among the beaches of Karwar is the Devbagh, which is spell bonding fairyland.

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