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Best Place to Celebrate Christmas in India


'The Christmas Holiday Stop'

The grand festival of Christmas is celebrated in India with extreme jubilation and enthusiasm. In spite of the nationwide celebrations, Christmas celebrations in Goa are a must experience memory for everyone. The real sensation of a festivity is felt in actual sense at Christmas celebrations in goa. The advent of Jesus Christ is celebrated with traditional joy and gaiety. In fact, it cuts across the limits of the church to spill over into the streets for all to participate irrespective of religion and communities.

This festival is a family affair for the Goans. Christmas celebrations in Goa begin around mid December. The market places are all decked with buntings and tinsel. Decorated and glittering Christmas trees are all over the place. Traditional midnight masses and glittering Christmas trees mark the joy and zeal of celebration. Carols are sung and various churches organize the midnight mass. the service on Christmas day is attended by masses dressed in new clothes. Christmas Eves are marked by family get-together at home for a memorable time together. Christmas is a time for merry-making and exchanging gifts in Goa, for Christmas is also about cakes and puddings.


The climatic conditions during Christmas are the foundations of a treasured time with family and friends for a gala celebration. Towards the evening just before sunset the sky fills with magical wonder, a sight that has left some spellbound. See the sun being swallowed by the sea and end the day with a dine at the beach. What else can anyone even dream of.

Christmas Shopping

Christmas is a perfect time for shopping in Goa. In fact, Goa gives its guests a unique shopping experience. Market places loaded with trinkets and glittering Christmas trees at every nooks and corner of the state. Pick up most popular 'I Love Goa' t-shirts, sarongs, momentos, homemade pickles and cottage handicrafts from the markets where the vendors are locals and gypsy ladies called Lamanis, who wear colorful clothes and can stun you with their fluent English. Get exquisite leather goods including purses, wallets, belts and jackets on a visit to Acron Arcade. Don't forget to buy a couple of Kashmiri carpets and shawls, that are a diamonds of Goan local market. shopping in the latter part of the day can be quite an exuberant experience in Goa.

Famous churches

Church of St. Francis Xavier– Located behind the gate of St. Paul's College at a Kuchcha Road branching off the main road.

Church of the Carmelites- Located to the southeast of the Church of St. Cajetan on a hill more or less contiguous to the hill on which the Chapel of Lady of the Mount stands.

Chapel of Lady of the Mount – Located about 2-km on the main road towards Ponda, a kuchcha road branches off towards north at a place where a cross is fixed. The road leads to a hill on which, commanding a picturesque view, is the Chapel of Lady of the Mount.

St. Cathedral Church – Located southwest of St. Cajetan's

Chapel of St. Catherine - Located to the west of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi


Visit the famous night clubs - Club Tito and Cafe Mambo - nestling nearby for a perfect finale to an exciting shopping day. Visit the most exotic bars and pubs to to relax from your hilarious day out. Hit the fascinating nightclubs and discos for an unmatched dancing spree. Try out your luck in the famous casinos of Goa to add spice to your celebrations. There are arrangements for night parties which are mainly attended by the tourists.

Christmas Food

The delicious cake and pudding prepared especially during Christmas mark the lip smacking dishes of Goa. Don't dare to miss the amazing snacks on Goa beaches. Enjoy a delectable Goan cuisine at the numerous shops lining the road, perfect for taking a breather before getting back to a frantic shopping spree.

Places to see

Aquada fort, Anjuna beach, Chapora fort, Mayem lake and Dudhsagar Falls

Enjoy the new year

New year celebration is the oldest of all celebrations in Goa. The white washed chapels of Goa being decorated in Christmas which continues till the beginning of new year. Experience the thrill of celebrating the new year with family and friends. Parties often last into the middle of the night after the new year bells with a belief that what one eats or does on the first day affects the luck throughout the year. New year in Goa is a grand holiday time and your trip to Goa will surely be memorable. Watch whole Goa dancing down the streets with fun and frolic.

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