Friday, July 31, 2009

Goodbye Pretty Women (Leela Naidu and Gayatri Devi)

This week witnessed the demise of two of the most prettiest women of India.

Leela Naidu (Picture 1 and 2) ~ Graceful Indian Beauty

Former Miss India (1955) and a renowned actress, Leela Naidu's death is definitely one irreparable loss to India. One of her most memorable film roles was her portyal of a rebellious young bride in Merchant Ivory's 'The Householder' which was released in 1962. Veteran Indian Film Director Shyam Benegal commenting on her death termed it as "a loss to the film industry". Leela also featured once in the Vogue magazine as the most beautiful women in the world. Leela died at the age of 69 years on 28th July, 2009 after battling prolonged illness.

Rajamata Gayatri Devi (Picture 3 and 4) ~ Royalty par Excellence

Princess Gayatri Devi was born on May 23, 1919 in London. Her Mother was the Maharani (Queen) of Cooch Behar and her maternal grandmother the Maharani of Baroda. These two women are said to have played a positive influence in the life of Gayatri Devi. She became the third wife of the Maharaja (King) of Jaipur and later got the tile of 'Rajmata' (Mother of the State). Gayatri Devi was known for her tremendous beauty and dignity. She died in Jaipur at the age of 90 on 29th July, 2009.

The above losses of famous celebrities of India i.e. Leela Naidu and Rajmata Gayatri Devi within a short span of time are sure to leave many a hearts sad in remembrance.


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