Thursday, September 25, 2008

My 7 Wonders of India

Every country has attractions that were made thousands of years
ago, still standing and becoming a landmark. But it is the present
scenarios that describe a country the best. And India is one country
which offers experiences to be had in plenty. India in itself is a world
that holds in its heart numerous wonders that more often than not, we
take for granted. People traveling to India only visit the well-known
attractions and leaves behind the uniqueness of India that depicts the
real world charms. Not to be missed on any of your visit to India.
I would call them the real wonders rather the age-old monuments.

Just have a look

1. Traveling in 2nd Class of Indian trains

The feel of wind through the open windows as the train whistles
across the countryside is something that just cannot be replaced by any
way. Of course the AC compartments are more comfortable and less tiring,
but there is no fun or adventure in it. The vendors selling 'thandas'
(chilled drinks) and namkeens (spicy snacks), the hot tea in earthen pots
shouting through your windows or at times manage to get in to the train
with all the mouth watering stuffs. Go and experience this unique

2. Highway Dhabas

This is another way of getting in touch with the real countryside of
India. A nice dhaba (or open restaurants) on the highways are just not
only about great tastes, cheep meals but also offers complete relaxation
and a feel of contentment. These roadway restaurants are the gateways to
the beauty of the countryside and to the country people who are as humble
and polite one could be. And with the stints I had with these people, I
know for sure that they are the most knowledgeable and have a firm belief
in their culture, traditions and their history.

3. A Rickshaw Ride Through Old Delhi - The Royal Lanes of the Past

The most enthralling or entertaining way to experience India is on a
rickshaw ride. Truly it is also a unique way to explore Old Delhi where
vehicle are prohibited due to the cramped bylanes and absolute crowd. The
lanes are lined with glittering shops of jewellery, cloths, marriage
dressing on both sides, where as the streets are occupied with hawkers,
snacks wander, people busy in shopping and some times cows and
buffaloes. Old Delhi is also famous for its street foods; the
typical spicy chats and sweet dishes, so don't forget to eat here while
you take your eye opening rickshaw ride.

4. Street Food

It doesn't matter which state you are traveling in; every region has
its own set of street food specialties. Whether you are
vegetarian or an ardent lover of non veg, you are in for a treat when you
are out for street foods. Must try flavors are Panipuri, golgappa,
bhelpuri, chanagaram, samosas, kachoris, vada-sambhar, Kulfi, the list is
endless and the list is tempting.

5. The King of Fruits The Indian Alphonso

Mango is undoubtedly the best variation of the sweetest and most
delicious fruit known to man. The color and the taste of this fruit
simply make it irresistible. Found every where in the country during
summer season they are a souvenir that you just cannot leave without
eating and without carrying.

6. The Most Explanatory Indian English

No where in the world you will have the privilege of understanding
the things then in India. You will not face any problem of communication
even in the remotest region you travel. The best part of traveling in
India is that you will always find someone who will tell the way to your
destination in English. To your surprise even the cowboy can direct you
the way, ?first right, second left, up comes, go down, you reach?...not
grammatical, but understandable.

7. Hindi Cinema of the 50s/ 60s/70

The most vibrant the Hindi movies of 50s/ 60s/70, an absolute
craze among today?s generation and the visitors to India.
Today Bollywood movies are nothing more than poor cousins of Hollywood
ones. No point wasting money watching one when better are on offer on
foreign shores. However, the Hindi movies of 50s and 60s were a class
apart and no matter how many times you watch them, you never get bored.
Get yourself some famous flicks of yesteryears that are still seen as a
hallmark of Indian cinemas. Watch Awara of 50?s, most dramatic movie
?Waqt?of 60?s and all time favorite ?Sholay? of 70?s, till date no
one can beat the magic of these foregone catchers.


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