Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Beauty Tips for Monsoon

Feeling terrible about the impacts of monsoon in terms of your looks and make up? Do not. In spite of so many virtues that monsoons bring with self there can be some vices as well. Monsoons might take away that extra shine from your face but there are various ways through which you can preserve them. Following are some beauty tips for the monsoons -

1.Check the option available for long lasting lipsticks that are color stay and are marketed as being non transferable.

2.Use cosmetics that are matte products instead of creamy and glossy products.

3.If planning to go for a rain party, then the use of sheer and pastel eye shadows in brown, pink and light brown shades must be applied.

4.Pressed powder should be avoided during monsoons. This can lead to patched skin. Although if you are using it, make sure you use it sparingly.

5.Instead of Kajals, waterproof mascaras and water resistant eyeliners should be used.


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