Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pray For Food, Not Fuel

I am so left bewildered by the actions and reactions of Indian Public and the government. Last week only, the government hiked the price of Petrol, diesel and cooking gas that created a furore throughout the nation. Every state had their own set of protests and dharnas against the price rise. The Left parties called for a nation wide bandh, which brought the life in states governed by left parties to a virtual standstill. So much are we all concerned about the fuel for our vehicles, we have completely ignored the dangerously poised condition of fuel for ourselves, food.
Still crying over increase in cooking gas prices; well, there would be nothing left to cook, if we don't break our slumber and wake up to the reality, that a prospective killer is knocking on our doorsteps.

May be that is because of the exact opposite nature of the two. When shortage of fuel hits the affluent sections of the society first, the shortage of food hits the deprived ones before. But who listens or even cares about the protests of the poor people? When we crib about the possibility of our new Mercedes rendered useless due to oil prices, people are submitting their lives to hunger in our own backyard. But believe me, when the crises of food reaches the top of the society ladder, not only will the jolt be gravely mighty, it would be too late to reverse the process or find a solution.

Oh yes, do you know what our government is doing in this context. They are now proposing to use the land that is under agriculture, for irrigation of Bio fuels. Man, that is some future planning. I mean, how much more ridiculous can it get? Instead, the government should look at improving the yield of food grains from and bridge the gap between demand and supply. But what to do; trips of our ministers to foreign countries by chartering a jet, seems to be of a higher priority to our government.

If something is to be done to contain the problem, this is the time. We all should do our bit to nip the problem in its bud. Well, we can all start from our homes by not wasting any food. Sometimes there are functions in our homes and we order food in bulk. And more often than not, a lot of food remains untouched. I accept that most of the times this is unavoidable. But what is avoidable, is the throwing away of the food. Whenever the food is in excess, call 1098, child helpline number (Applicable Only In India); they will come and collect the food from your homes.

Though this is more of a temporary solution; let this be a start to our combined efforts to a healthier and nutritious future.


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