Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Neighborhood Rise

Another ‘Raja’ descends to the ranks of ‘Praja’. More noted description of King Gyanendra in history books would not be ‘The Legendary King of Nepal, rather, it would be ‘The Last King of Nepal’.
With constitutional Assembly of Nepal unanimously voting against the 240 year old Hindu Monarchy, Nepal declared itself a Republic. Nepal will now celebrate May 29 as its Republic Day. Out of 601 members of constitutional assembly, 560 voted against and the monarchy to 4 who were in favor of it. Rest of the members were absent.

Well, this was a result many had expected after the Maoists came to power a fortnight ago. Maoists were always fiercely republicans and for the past 10 years had tried their level best to throw out King Gyanendra, but to no avail. However, this time the Maoists controlled the power. King Gyanendra ascended to throne in 2001 after the drunken crown prince wiped out most of the Royal family and then turned the gun on self.

Gyanendra became the automatic choice to the thrown. Few Politicians and many in Public felt something fishy in the turn of events, they suspected Gyanendra to be behind the killings. But many who were close to him, stayed loyal and that helped him carry on for 7 years. The officials believe, King Gyanendra has himself to blame for his vote out. He assumed complete power of the state and declared emergency in 2005. The government was dismissed and many strong hold politicians found themselves locked up behind bars. The Repercussions were heavy and he had to back down following weeks of ruthless protests the following year. Public wanted freedom from his autocratic rule. And now he has 15 days to vacate the royal palace that will be turned into the National museum. Gyanendra will be allowed to stay in Nepal if he lives as a commoner and abides by the rules and regulations set by the government.

Of course, it is a great leap for People of Nepal, but what future is in store for this one of the world’s poorest countries. Nepal is going to be under the rule of Maoists who are considered as a terrorist outfit by US. How quickly it gets used to the presence of two economic giants’ India and China on its either side, will pave the future course for Nepal. The World is watching.


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