Friday, May 16, 2008

The Owner of the White World

Everybody has dreams – to cherish, to act as motivating factors so that they can accomplish it some day. Like any other Human Being a too have loads of dreams to stalk them into reality. One of them was to touch a polar bear. Though from the very beginning I was aware that this was a distant dream – keeping the fact that they are carnivores, but the recent trend of the world, seems to be conspiring against my dreams. They will not even let me see my favorite bears from proximity.

Confused???I will tell you how and why. I am sure everybody must be aware of the term 'Global Warming'? Of Course, one hears it every other hour, and very casually distance ourself from it, thinking that its too far to reach us. But the fact is that NO, its very close to us, just here knocking at the door, taking my beloved Polar bears away, chasing them to extinction.

Due to climate change that is melting the snow of the North Pole, the ice is thinning. This is turn can cause an unfateful result for the polar bears. Bears are dependent on the sea ice for hunting the seals. These are the world's largest terrestrial carnivores, and until global warming slows or stops, we will not be able to save them from getting extinct. Global warming is not only a threat to these animals, they are becoming a challenge for humans as well. It seems the pre historian age is going to return. What are we going to leave for our children. Will they ever be able to know or see the Polar bears, except for their history books???


Srikant J May 21, 2008 at 10:48 PM  

u dream dangerous girl. Polar Bear are the only known natural predator of Humans. So prey that your dream remains just that.

ne ways, Polar bears are really cute and their disappearance would really be a great loss.
Well Written piece.

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